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We enable innovation and disruption by thinking out of the box and developing custom software solutions that surpass expectations and give you a competitive advantage.

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There’s no substitute for experience. Artech’s team of full stack development pros has developed software for companies from startups to enterprise, in nearly every vertical.

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Our software development team integrates with your team to fast track your project. We collaborate with you during every iteration to make certain your solution works exactly as expected.


The reason your customers come to you and why they stay with you is your differentiation in your marketplace. If you want to compete on value and service provided, you need to make it worth their while to work with you and provide benefits above anything they can get from others. That is your difference. That is why they go to you. How you deliver your difference is dependent on the software you use to support your employees in delighting your customers. If you could use the same off the shelf software as everyone else to fuel your differentiation, it wouldn’t be unique!

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We work closely with your project team to build high quality, cost-effective, and reliable custom software development services that align with your vision, needs, budget, and timeline. Building your software with you through careful planning and iterative testing, we develop and deliver high-quality software solutions that help your business to generate revenue.

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While ease is certainly in the eye (or fingers) of the beholder, there plenty of analytics on making your site or system easier to learn and interact with. Always use best practices to ensure that your users can find what they need, fast. Take advantage of the user data your site collects to simplify the experience of your audience. If things are difficult or counter-intuitive to people, those people will bail and go somewhere else.
To simplify the user experience, include key features in your retail software like autofill to streamline information entry and use design elements to drive desired user actions. Bonus points if your software can be easily integrated with social media for a seamless experience for customers. Increase efficiency in stores by taking the same care with employee-facing software, like a POS or customer management system. Your employees will get up to speed faster when hired and work more quickly on the floor, meaning they can spend less time on office tasks and service more paying customers in the amount of time they save.



A great shopping experience is crucial, whether online or in store. POS systems run brick and mortar stores and e-commerce systems alike. If that POS system is not intuitive, or it is slow, the customer will be frustrated waiting to finish the transaction. When that happens, the customer isn’t likely to just leave the store and go online. They are more likely to find another retailer and potentially let their friends and family know to avoid your store.
POS software is important for your company’s understanding of what the customer wants. It helps customer relationship management for small businesses and even large corporations. Cloud-based information storage helps with the flow of business operations, reduces the payment process time, and eliminates out-dated cash register systems. Retail POS systems ensure easy management reporting because the information is organized and stored efficiently while connecting smoothly to inventory systems managing stock and office systems for invoicing and purchase orders.

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Traditional retail management software confined users to one spot, resulting in a whole lot of missed opportunity when it comes to operational efficiency and customer experience. Retailers today have seen many advantages by transitioning their retail software solutions, like POS systems, to the cloud.
Cloud costs are often lower, saving retailers money. These newer systems enable increased efficiency, additional personalization, heightened visibility, and more flexibility than ever before. Cloud-based retail applications allow for improved business management by letting businesses take back-office functionality on the go. They can account for additional sales when you have the ability to take your POS system on the go, too.
Retail software solutions based on the cloud provide insights on customer behavior, track stock, enhance POS systems, and streamline operations all while allowing for scalability of your business.


In order to keep up with the competition, retailers implement the latest technologies like artificial intelligence. However, AI isn’t just cool. It has the power to transform the customer experience and position retailers as the best in customer service. Customers appreciate the convenience and speed of the digital shopping experience. Your retail business can enhance those qualities and create the best possible experience by using artificial intelligence.
Artificial intelligence can be used to analyze consumer behavior to predict what they need and direct them to the item that best suits their personal preferences. AI can also provide insight on what motivates customers and how to get them to buy again, thereby earning their repeat business for your stores without you having to lift a finger.
In fact, AI itself can be used to provide customer service in stores, giving a swift resolution to simple customer issues without tying up retail staff. AI kiosks have also proven to be useful tools for many retailers. They can give advice and even learn to recognize human behavior patterns to garner reactions and provide suggestions tailored to the individual.


Your business needs drive your software development needs. We help you design and develop software that creates greater business value and enhances the experience of your end user–no matter what type of users drive your bottom line. When you want to get ahead of the competition, better serve your customers, and improve the way your team works, we have the experience and the expertise to build your custom solution.
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If your business is customer-facing, you have specific needs for your e-commerce platform, customer portal, or online service offering. We create user experiences that attract and retain customers with a compelling mix of content and functionality. Together we design better ways to utilize data management to improve services at every level of interaction between your customers and your system.

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If it is your business to serve other businesses, you need to differentiate from the competition focusing on your partner businesses’ needs and processes. You need a functional, intuitive, and easy to use application to assist you in conducting business with your clients. Your application will need to be polished and provide solid functionality, manage large data sets, and interact with multiple systems.

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When building a product for your employees, you want to streamline workflows, automate processes, and reduce manual steps with an enterprise web application. You want your employees to work more efficiently, engage with their work, and stay connected to their teams and clients. Our development process includes listening to your users and having them help with designing and testing to ensure the system you build fits needs at every level of your team.


We not only will build your product, but we can help you discover opportunities with your clients and gaps in the marketplace. We help you invent a product to fill those needs, test it in the marketplace, create pricing models, and much more. All before writing a line of code!
While your product is in development, Artech can assist as you build your go-to-market strategy working with your entire organization from marketing & sales campaigns to training your team. We can even help you brand your product to spark recognition, adoption, and attention to your company. We have significant experience creating cross-departmental roadmaps to ensure everyone in your company arrives at the launch of your new product fully prepared for success. Our custom software development services include:

Ideation & Invention

We start by listening to you and brainstorming with you. Whether your current systems are failing, you have outgrown your off the shelf software, or you have a new idea to drive innovation, we will work closely with you to craft a collaborative plan for your custom software that will drive value and ROI. We offer free pre-project consulting with senior leaders well-versed in your industry, software development, and user experience. Together, we can invent software to invent revenue for you.

Strategy & Architecture

In order to complete any project successfully, companies need a winning strategy. We develop a unique strategy for each client customized to their industry and business needs using expertise gained through hundreds of projects and thousands of releases. We have processes to mitigate risk, minimize feedback loops, and maximize code quality for your custom software development. At Artech, we know how to leverage our significant architectural knowledge to drive the best decisions for your software.

Design & Prototyping

Together with your management team, we will clarify your ideas and translate them into an actionable design that prepares for the function and form of your software application. We reduce risk by creating a prototype that provides a concrete picture of how your custom software will look and work. After testing your prototype, your stakeholders will make confident decisions and craft strong requirements for the future of your software product. You can use your high-fidelity designs and prototypes to build marketing and training plans to support your full launch.

User Experience

Today’s users expect effortless technology. We work closely with you and your users—customers and employees alike—to build custom software that accomplishes their goals quickly and effectively. By starting with hi-fidelity UX prototyping and communication-based requirements, we get the details right before we begin coding saving time and decreasing frustrations. We engage with you throughout your project to craft a seamless user experience that will be easy to use and drive adoption.

Database Development

The performance of your business operations depends on the quality of your software database. We offer data modeling, architecture, management, and integration services to ensure you have a well-executed database as the foundation of your custom software solution. We also offer best-in-class performance tuning expertise as 96% of application performance issues we’ve been called in to diagnose have been traced to poor database design.

Big Data

Does your business need a better technology for high-volume data processing? Data architecture and analytics focus on more than just accessing data–it’s about transforming your data into useful knowledge to help you understand and improve your business in real time. We offer software development services to assist as you drive better decisions by developing a data process analyzing behaviors and taking measurements through data-mining.

IoT Solutions

We architect tailored IoT application strategy crafting a detailed plan to ensure the software integrates seamlessly into the hardware functionality. We collaborate with hardware vendors to design smart solutions collecting data from machines to wearables and create dashboards empowering your users to manage, monitor, and measure value. Leverage our expertise from decades as a leading software development company to proactively identify challenges before they derail your project.

Enterprise Software

Whether you need to build a custom enterprise software solution from the ground up or want an integration of your existing set of off the shelf software and in-house applications into a connected ecosystem, we provide the right software development services for your business. We start where you are and help you envision the future of your company providing ways for your team to work better, smarter, and faster improving efficiency while decreasing costs. We want you to save time while you make the right decisions to provide your customers with the service and support you know they require.


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We offer a variety of services to quickly move you from distress to delight. Our team has completed many difficult rescue projects together and will bring our expertise to overcome your software’s specific issues and get your project over the finish line successfully in a short time.


WIs your legacy software outdated, inefficient, and costing your company valuable business? Do you struggle to find software developers with the right expertise to service, support, and advance your product? Do you worry about security management? Do your employees hate your system and create complex process workarounds just to survive daily tasks? Do you want to begin mobile app development for your software? Is it time for a cloud-based solution for your software? If any of these items are true, it is time to think about modernizing your system. If all of these items are true, you need to contact us for a legacy rescue for your company.
We offer custom software development services tailored to analyze where you are and where you need your software to be for the future. We can audit your software from requirements through data outputs, gather data on your functionality, review your existing integration list, examine the quality of your code, and listen to you and your users. Together, we can craft a software development strategy plan that will allow you to move forward with a fully integrated custom software development specific designed to service your processes, technology stack, and current needs.


If your software project is off track and you are quickly losing confidence in the quality of your application development, we can help. Projects fail for a number of reasons from employee turnover to poorly designed requirements to a lack of understanding of industry needs. Whether you selected a software development partner to build your product but are not seeing the results you expect or are developing in house but do not have everything to make it across the finish line, we can help you identify obstacles, develop a software lifecycle process, and craft a roadmap to success.
We have over 20 years of experience helping clients across industries to get projects completed with a clear strategic plan and a development process built on history. Clients tell us our fluency in both business and technology brings strong value to management leaders to make strong decisions for new software projects and existing application advancement. Our entire software company is located right here in America. With excellent communication, we will deliver on time, on budget, on expectation work with complete transparency. You know what we are doing, when, and why with as much specific detail as you would like.




For more than 20 years, Artech has been building custom software that turns companies’ differentiations, ideas, and needs into extraordinary products. Our software development services from invention and design through testing and evolution will help you generate revenue, delight your users, and differentiate your business.
  • - We’ve developed software solutions for every size of company, from entrepreneurs with a vision to multinational enterprises.
  • - We bring industry knowledge from management consulting, healthcare, health insurance, manufacturing, retail, and more. Genecians from your industry assist you in inventing your new software.
  • - Our expertise across multiple verticals and solutions is key to driving your success and reducing your risk. Artech specializes in full-cycle custom software development services and works with you from ideation through implementation.
  • - Our team is 100% US-based and are experts in helping businesses grow by providing custom software development services as hands-on partners. We are with you every step of the way.
  • - Businesses large and small rely on the cloud to host their software and store their data. We have spent years building mission-critical, cloud-based solutions for our clients.
  • - We write custom code that is secure, scalable, with fully documented requirements and thoroughly tested. You can be confident that the code we produce is of the highest quality and is built to last.

    The best software applications are those that people both need and enjoy using. Building the right software is about translating the needs of your business, your employees, and your customers into actionable software design. You want a cohesive look and feel while creating an easy and enjoyable interface to increase usability and efficiency. Before you start your custom software project, you will begin with the overall business goal for your software.
  • - Is your focus on automating tasks and increasing the day to day efficiency of your employee
  • - Are you creating a new revenue stream by inventing an offering for your customers?
  • - Do you want to improve the software you have due to poor performance and high user frustration?
  • - Are you tired of paying ongoing costs associated with your off-the-shelf software when it does not really fit your needs?
  • - When preparing for your custom software project, you should select a partner with expertise in providing software services that match your needs and your industry.

    Software built for your business, your team, and your processes can improve efficiency, provide visibility to make better decisions, and save time and money.
  • - Manage and automate processes currently slowing down the pace of business through workarounds and manual effort.
  • - Improve management satisfaction by removing bottlenecks and automating workflow decreasing miscommunications and dropped tasks.
  • - Develop tools to break down silos and form better connected teams supporting one another for increased collaboration and success.

    In today’s digital world, customers expect businesses to provide them with technology that will improve their experience making it easier and more enjoyable to do business with you. We provide a full range of software development services to accommodate your specialized business needs.
  • - Gather meaningful data, analyze trends, and make stronger business decisions and improve your user customer experience.
  • - Increase speed and quality of service while connecting your users to products, employees, and partners for increased collaboration and engagement at every level of your organization.
  • - Provide constant support for your customers replacing a tedious manual process with enjoyable automated sequences.
  • - Drive innovation by discovering and creating new revenue opportunities.

    With more than 20 years providing custom software development services to our partners, we have built some of the coolest products for a wide range of clients of different sizes and industries. Along the way, we have learned some valuable lessons and have several strong reasons why clients return to us repeatedly.
  • - We make your plan come true. Roughly 70% of software projects fail, but Artech averages a 97% success rate delivering on time, on budget, and on expectation. You desire a partner who can create a roadmap for your project and work closely with your business to identify risks, anticipate issues, understand business processes and adjust forecasts before problems occur. We will provide 100% transparency eliminating surprises.
  • - We are all in for you. Every single employee at Artech works in technology and will jump in to provide value for your company and support you during the development process. If any one of us encounters a challenge, there is another Genecian ready and available to dive in and assist. We know exactly what it takes to deliver successfully and take our responsibilities to your project seriously. And, we are easy to work with—easy to contact, quick to respond, and always have time to listen and help.
  • - We believe that your success is our success. We value your ROI, your budget, and your timeline. During the pre-consulting phase, we work with you to craft an inventory of all of the items you desire that fit in your budget and never promise more scope than you can afford. We use only our own employees from design and requirements through testing and support—never offshore or outsource your work—because we know the value of the Artechers we have invested in far outweighs a lower cost per resource hour.

    We not only will build your product, but we can help you discover opportunities with your clients and gaps in the marketplace. We help you invent software to fill those needs, test it in the marketplace, develop pricing models, and much more. All before writing a line of code!
    While your software is in development, Artech can help you with your go-to-market strategy working with your entire organization from marketing & sales campaigns to training your staff. We can even help you brand your product to spark recognition, adoption, and attention to your company. We know how to create cross-departmental roadmaps to ensure everyone in your company arrives at the launch fully prepared for success.

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