Product differentiation isn’t enough. Customers expect lightning fast, reliable technology and a robust shopping experience. They expect systems that protect their sensitive data, have easy-to-use features, and don’t crash. With our retail software solutions, you can expect many changes that will benefit your retail business.
Whether your retail operation is brick and mortar, e-commerce, or a combination of the two, the software that runs your store or your website is critical to your operation. Outdated software, a slow shopping cart, or a poorly designed app can be a killer.
Artech will help you sell more products by adding scale, creating a customer management system, developing POS solutions, enhancing your website or app experience, developing an improved inventory management solution, providing companion services to your offering and many other custom retail software solutions.


You do a bunch of marketing, domain authority, paid ads, everything to get people to your site to shop in your store. Then what happens? You should be good from there, right? Not if you haven’t prepared to face these six killers.



Maybe our site doesn’t crash but takes forever. Now we’re testing the desire of the buyer. Do we really want to give them pause to rethink their purchase? Odds are good that customers will look to other retail businesses with quicker load times. Bye, bye sale.
Modern customers expect retail software solutions that deliver on performance, functionality, and speed.


The shopper fights through the crashing and slow response to finally place their order. After all that effort, they see no confirmation email for 5 minutes. What do they think? Hey, maybe that company didn’t get my order. Maybe the item is out of stock. Maybe I need to get what I want from someone else.
Create peace of mind with intuitive retail software solutions that provide reassurance on key steps of the buyer’s journey.


The order is placed and is confirmed. Now we have to fulfill it, but we don’t have enough stock on hand. Uh-oh. We should have checked our inventory levels before we took the customer’s money. They expect us to deliver since we accepted the order. Maybe they let us fulfill the order but never shop from us again. Maybe they just cancel the order. Maybe enough time goes by and they look for something from a competitor.
The best inventory management systems allow retail businesses to track inventory levels and use real-time data to alert management of low stock long before they run out and have to turn customers away.


There is now an expectation on the part of the customer to be able to learn to use a website or phone app instantly. If yours isn’t one of those, your customer is just going to get frustrated and leave. They have plenty of other retail options just a Google ad away.
With technology so integrated into our everyday lives, consumers expect your retail software solutions to be seamless and include intuitive features that allow them to understand quickly which actions to take to achieve their desired outcomes.


If the customer does go to the store but finds the experience slow or cumbersome, they won’t just go to the website version of the store. They are left feeling frustrated and impatient and will go someplace that can deliver a more satisfying customer experience.
It is so much work to get the attention of those potential buyers and get them in the door of your stores. Don’t risk alienating them to save a few bucks per hour! Consider the real cost of not investing in your shopping experience.
In order to meet changing customer demands, retailers should consider implementing new industry technologies like an efficient retail POS solution, custom mobile app, artificial intelligence in customer service, or IoT platform to leverage data and learn more about your customers.

It is so much work to get the attention of those potential buyers.
Don’t risk alienating them to save a few bucks per hour! Consider the real cost of not investing in your shopping experience.


An online gifting retailer’s website crashed during Christmas, due to high order volume. Sales were lost, as the website slowed to a crawl and users went to other sites to order flowers and other holiday gifts. They left at least as many orders incomplete as were completed. That’s a loss of 50%! Yes, half the revenue!
With Valentine’s Day approaching and Mother’s Day closely following, both expecting a 200% increase in order volume from the Christmas rush, a sales nightmare was in the making. Doing the math, you would expect to only be able to take 22% of all possible orders. They were going to lose 78% of the possible revenue!
Artech was hired to ensure the website could handle considerably more volume. We tuned their online ordering system so the retailer could capture every Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day order after that. The result? 5X the revenue of Christmas!.


Another online retailer had mastered marketing to get many more online orders. When they did, the website crash unpredictably stopped processing almost all orders. The marketing triumph was a POS disaster!
With many SKUs at lower price points, this company needed to handle many more orders for larger quantities without the expense of 27 servers. To do this, Artech designed a new way to cache data that increased the performance of the website 100x allowing this retailer to take 100x more orders than it did before. This grew their online sales from 20% to 40% of revenue practically overnight.
People think of scale and performance as separate, but they are not. They are so tightly connected that you cannot have either if you don’t have both. Move more stock with more sales and increase your revenue. Tune your systems to watch your profits soar!



A great shopping experience is crucial, whether online or in store. POS systems run brick and mortar stores and e-commerce systems alike. If that POS system is not intuitive, or it is slow, the customer will be frustrated waiting to finish the transaction. When that happens, the customer isn’t likely to just leave the store and go online. They are more likely to find another retailer and potentially let their friends and family know to avoid your store.
POS software is important for your company’s understanding of what the customer wants. It helps customer relationship management for small businesses and even large corporations. Cloud-based information storage helps with the flow of business operations, reduces the payment process time, and eliminates out-dated cash register systems. Retail POS systems ensure easy management reporting because the information is organized and stored efficiently while connecting smoothly to inventory systems managing stock and office systems for invoicing and purchase orders.

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While ease is certainly in the eye (or fingers) of the beholder, there plenty of analytics on making your site or system easier to learn and interact with. Always use best practices to ensure that your users can find what they need, fast. Take advantage of the user data your site collects to simplify the experience of your audience. If things are difficult or counter-intuitive to people, those people will bail and go somewhere else.
To simplify the user experience, include key features in your retail software like autofill to streamline information entry and use design elements to drive desired user actions. Bonus points if your software can be easily integrated with social media for a seamless experience for customers. Increase efficiency in stores by taking the same care with employee-facing software, like a POS or customer management system. Your employees will get up to speed faster when hired and work more quickly on the floor, meaning they can spend less time on office tasks and service more paying customers in the amount of time they save.


Traditional retail management software confined users to one spot, resulting in a whole lot of missed opportunity when it comes to operational efficiency and customer experience. Retailers today have seen many advantages by transitioning their retail software solutions, like POS systems, to the cloud.
Cloud costs are often lower, saving retailers money. These newer systems enable increased efficiency, additional personalization, heightened visibility, and more flexibility than ever before. Cloud-based retail applications allow for improved business management by letting businesses take back-office functionality on the go. They can account for additional sales when you have the ability to take your POS system on the go, too.
Retail software solutions based on the cloud provide insights on customer behavior, track stock, enhance POS systems, and streamline operations all while allowing for scalability of your business.


In order to keep up with the competition, retailers implement the latest technologies like artificial intelligence. However, AI isn’t just cool. It has the power to transform the customer experience and position retailers as the best in customer service. Customers appreciate the convenience and speed of the digital shopping experience. Your retail business can enhance those qualities and create the best possible experience by using artificial intelligence.
Artificial intelligence can be used to analyze consumer behavior to predict what they need and direct them to the item that best suits their personal preferences. AI can also provide insight on what motivates customers and how to get them to buy again, thereby earning their repeat business for your stores without you having to lift a finger.
In fact, AI itself can be used to provide customer service in stores, giving a swift resolution to simple customer issues without tying up retail staff. AI kiosks have also proven to be useful tools for many retailers. They can give advice and even learn to recognize human behavior patterns to garner reactions and provide suggestions tailored to the individual.


The right retail management software can provide retailers with the tools necessary to customize and personalize marketing efforts to patrons online and in stores. Many retail businesses have taken advantage of affordable beacon technology to entice nearby shoppers, track their progress throughout stores, and send related offers, reminders, and deals directly to their mobile phones.
Custom mobile applications for individual retailers are becoming increasingly necessary to engage and retain your business’ target audience. Features of these apps include loyalty programs, rewards point tracking, e-commerce, and one button POS checkout. They can also include features exclusive to those shopping in stores, like the ability to scan and check the stock on desired items.
When retailers combine retail software with the Internet of Things, they can learn a lot about their customers. For instance, wearable technology lets multiple retailers understand behavior, recognize shopping patterns, and predict the needs of individual consumers. Taking an omni-channel approach to reach customers wherever they are allows retail businesses to gather data and use it to personalize their shopping experience, convert sales, and keep people coming back.


What made Amazon the great retailer it is today? You may say stock selection or pricing, but those weren’t there in the beginning. You may say the next-day delivery. Again, not there in the beginning. Their business performance is great because of its superior retail management system.
What differentiated Amazon in the early days is the customer experience when ordering from their site. Quick easy ways to find things. Easy buying. Eventually, one-click ordering and subscriptions to make retail even simpler. The ease and intuitiveness of from user screens to POS system is what first made them the go-to shopping experience. Then they added products.
Why bring up Amazon in this context? Because Amazon is an example of a business replacing Retail Stores with better Retail Software to make life easier for customers to buy more. They became the standard that consumers measure other retailers against. Let Artech help you set the new standard.


With so many potholes to fall into the retail marketplace, there are many opportunities to win. It only takes one of the above situations to cause customers to leave your competition. You can be the one that they turn to. The POS system they love. The one that never frustrates them away from buying what they want. Is that worth something? You betcha. It may be worth millions! The retail industry is competitive, so showing your customers that you care by using the right retail management software and customer management solution is an important step in the right direction.